Job Description: Writing it the Right Way Job Interview – A Few Myths Busted Last Minute Tips for Cracking the Interview What Should I Write In My Resume

Job Description: Writing it the Right Way

Every time a new vacancy is created in a company, the responsibility of writing a job description as well as hiring a professional falls upon the hiring manager. A job description is the ultimate document that provides details of a job to the professionals. If…

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Job Interview – A Few Myths Busted

Interviews: your grandfather had to sit through them and so did your father! So what’s it that bothers you so much about job interviews that is part and parcel of every professional’s life? Remember it is not the fear of failure but all the myths…

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Last Minute Tips for Cracking the Interview

Online search for a job does not lead to immediate interview calls and this means that you have to slog it like thousands of others around the city. However, there are a few lucky ones who get an interview call within a day or two…

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What Should I Write In My Resume

Your resume could make all the difference when a potential employer is sifting through multiple resumes for an interview. If you find resume writing to be a challenging task then it is time that you learn about the elements that differentiates a great resume from…

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At American Staffing Company, we work according to the philosophy of bringing together the talented individuals and companies who can create a perfect workplace synergy. Our staffing solution is inclined towards putting the skilled individuals on board of a company that fits their career needs. We are known for our outmost professional approach to the interim staffing needs of companies in the US and Canada. Contingent staffing requirements of corporate houses that want a quick turnaround during the peak staffing phases are handled with the perfect professional dexterity.

Our services have been designed to meet the staffing needs of both small companies as well as large corporate houses. Technical specialists who possess security clearance and the requisite technical skills can be found at a short notice. Some of the staffing resources that we provide on a regular basis are Human Resources, Customer Service, Technology, Legal, Oil and Gas, IT, Accounting, HR, Receptionist, and Administrative Clerical.

The management at American Staffing Company is aware that an organization is as good as its staff is: this is why we follow a staffing process that looks beyond just resumes. We try to understand the staffing needs and goals of our clients and forge a partnership that helps us achieve it with ease. Our hiring process is guided by the principle of building a relationship on success and we strictly adhere to this philosophy.

Our website is a dynamic platform for posting as well as searching jobs by jobseekers and potential employers. The only mission at American Staffing Company is to provide a common ground to employers looking for the right kind of personnel and the jobseekers searching for a respectable and reliable company to give their career a head start. We comply with all local, state as well as the federal regulations and laws while hiring workers.